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Trump Campaign Accuses Tennessee Republicans Of Stacking The Deck

A disagreement over Tennessee's delegate appointments ahead of the Republican National Convention triggered protests from Trump supporters.
Posted at 4:13 PM, Apr 02, 2016

Donald Trump's presidential campaign has accused Tennessee Republicans of "doing the bidding" of the national GOP establishment and meddling with delegates ahead of the national convention.

Tennessee appoints 14 at-large delegates in addition to those assigned based on the results of the state primary — a primary Trump won in March.

Trump's state campaign director accused the state Republican Party chairman of populating the list of probable appointees with "anti-Trump" individuals.

He told The Tennessean: "The party chair is a puppet. He is doing the bidding of the party establishment to take the nomination away from Donald Trump."

Party reps counter they never agreed to work with the Trump campaign to choose which delegates would be appointed.

The disagreement reportedly triggered a call to action. Trump supporters protested outside a Tennessee Republican Party committee meeting Saturday after a rule change closed the meeting to the public.

The Republican National Convention begins July 18 in Cleveland.

This video includes clips from CNBC and @tnfortrump and images from Getty Images.