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Perhaps Trump Should Check Mike Pence's Tweets

One report says Mike Pence is Donald Trump's pick for VP, but Pence's tweets haven't always squared with Trump's policy suggestions.
Posted at 3:49 PM, Jul 14, 2016

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is reportedly Donald Trump's pick for vice president. But the two haven't always been on the same page.

For one, Pence called Trump's Muslim ban offensive and unconstitutional.

And while Trump has made it clear he's no fan of the U.S.' trade deals, Pence digs them. He called for the swift adoption of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

And here's Pence on the North American Free Trade Agreement, which Trump thinks is a disaster.

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"And so, Mr. Speaker, you can see our existing trade agreements have truly benefited Indiana and the entire United States," Pence said in a 2001 House session.

Right. Sounds like the two will have some stuff to hash out in the coming weeks.

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