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John Kasich Is Focused On The Future Of The GOP

The former presidential candidate plans to give a speech just a couple days after the election.
Posted at 9:32 PM, Nov 08, 2016

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is one of the few prominent Republicans to defy Donald Trump. Now, he's reportedly planning to give a major speech just a couple days after the election.

The Cincinnati Enquirer says the former presidential candidate's speech on Thursday will focus on his vision for the future of the Republican Party.

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The speech will reportedly be hosted at the American Enterprise Institute, a right-wing think tank in Washington, D.C. The Enquirer notes Kasich wants to be part of the GOP's efforts to assess how Trump's candidacy has influenced their party.

"Together, united, we can reclaim the America we love and we hold so dear," Kasich said during a speech near the end of his campaign.

Kasich was one of the last GOP candidates to exit the primary race against Trump, casting himself as the moderate establishment alternative to Trump's brand of conservatism.

While most other GOP candidates eventually cast their support for Trump, Kasich wrote in John McCain's name on his ballot for the election.

The vote was symbolic: Since McCain wasn't one of Ohio's 18 approved write-in candidates, Kasich's vote won't be counted. Kasich instead focused on helping down-ballot Republicans — his political committee gave the maximum allowable contribution to Republicans in tight Senate races across the country, according to Cleveland.com.

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Kasich's term as governor ends in 2018, and he might be mulling a presidential bid sometime in the future. That's assuming the Republican Party as a whole likes the vision he's supposed to lay out on Thursday.