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Hillary Clinton Jabs Bernie Sanders Again Over 'Shouting'

Clinton took a chance while speaking at a women's leadership forum and responded to Sen. Bernie Sanders' stance on gun control.
Posted at 12:23 PM, Oct 24, 2015

"You know, I’ve been told to stop, and I quote, 'shouting about gun violence.' Well, first of all, I’m not shouting. It’s just that when women talk some people think we’re shouting," Hillary Clinton said at the Democratic National Committee’s Women’s Leadership Forum.

"...What I can tell Secretary Clinton, that all the shouting in the world is not going to do what I would hope all of us want," Sen. Bernie Sanders said during CNN's Democratic debate.

Clinton and Sanders have pretty different views when it comes to gun control. (Videos via Hillary for America and Bernie 2016)

Clinton favors stricter gun control policies and in 2000 backed a national gun registry. (Video via Hillary for America)

Bernie leans more to the right. (Video via Bernie 2016)

In 1993, he voted against the Brady Bill. It passed, and gun purchases now require federal background checks.

While Clinton has typically strayed from bringing up Sanders in her speeches, it seems as if she’s getting more bold about taking him on.