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Former Presidents Are Coming Around On Attending Trump's Inauguration

After weeks of uncertainty, former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton said they will attend Donald Trump's inauguration.
Posted at 4:37 PM, Jan 03, 2017

George W. Bush's office announced the 43rd president will attend Donald Trump's inauguration. 

Shortly after, aides said Bill and Hillary Clinton will be there as well.

It's tradition for former presidents to attend the swearing-in ceremony of their successors. But after a campaign that was anything but traditional, it was unclear if any former commanders in chief would show up.

Trump and Hillary Clinton just fought a vicious campaign filled with personal attacks

"My social security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald's, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it. But what we want to do is to replenish ..." Hillary Clinton said at a presidential debate before being interrupted. "Such a nasty woman," Trump said.

Trump also went after Bill Clinton and even held a press conference with women who had accused him of sexual assault. But apparently the bad blood isn't enough to keep the Clintons away.

Trump also went after Bush during the race, slamming his foreign policy decisions. 

"George Bush made a mistake. We can make mistakes, but that one was a beauty. We should have never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East," Trump said at a Republican debate. 

And Trump feuded with Bush's brother, Jeb Bush, while he was still in the race.

"I could care less about the insults that Donald Trump gives to me. It's bloodsport for him. He enjoys it and I'm glad he's happy about it," Jeb Bush said at a debate. 

"He spent $22 million," Trump interjected.

George W. Bush and his wife, Laura, refused to vote for Trump, bubbling in "none of the above" on their ballots. Nevertheless, they said they're "pleased to be able to witness the peaceful transfer of power" at Trump's inauguration.

President Obama and former president Jimmy Carter will also attend the ceremony. The only former president who won't is 92-year-old George H.W. Bush. A spokesman cited his advanced age as the reason.