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A Third Of Americans Are Considering A Third-Party Candidate

Dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has created an opportunity for third parties.
Posted at 3:26 PM, Aug 21, 2016

Some Americans are really unhappy with their two choices for president — so much so that a surprising amount of people are considering voting for a third-party candidate. 

An ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 35 percent of respondents are considering voting for a third-party candidate. 

The Libertarian Party nominee, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, is polling at 8 percent, and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein is sitting at 4 percent. So they aren't exactly threatening the mainstream nominees.

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But the poll also found that a majority of people are worried that voting for a third-party could cause their least preferred candidate to win the presidency. 

One of the biggest factors that will decide the rest of the election cycle for the candidates is whether they can make it onto a debate stage with Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. 

A nonpartisan commission decides who makes the stage by averaging the results from five different polls. Johnson is hitting 12 percent in some polls but that's not enough to make it on stage. And the qualifications have left both candidates pretty frustrated. 

"No way that if you're running for president and you're not in the presidential debates — 100 million people watching the debates — there's no way that you could win," Johnson told Newsy.

And Stein told Newsy: "The public is basically flying blind here, clamoring for something else. They need to know what their other options are."

Although, the commission is reportedly still preparing a podium for a third-party candidate just in case Johnson or Stein make the cut. 

In the ABC News/Washington Post poll, Clinton is still leading overall with 45 percent compared to Trump's 37 percent.