Poll Shows Trump, Clinton Have Historically Low Favorability Ratings

The latest Washington Post-ABC News poll found over 50 percent of potential voters view Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump unfavorably.
Posted at 2:42 PM, May 22, 2016

It looks like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their work cut out for them.

The presumptive GOP nominee and the Democratic front-runner are not only virtually tied among registered voters in the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll, but the majority of potential voters view them unfavorably.

Fifty-three percent of those polled view Clinton unfavorably, while 60 percent view Trump that way.

The Washington Post said Sunday, "Never in the history of the Post-ABC poll have the two major party nominees been viewed as harshly as Clinton and Trump."

Bernie Sanders told George Stephanopoulos on ABC's "This Week" that he'll use Clinton's high unfavorability ratings to try to get superdelegates to support him.   

"We need a campaign, an election, coming up which does not have two candidates who are really very, very strongly disliked. I don't want to see the American people voting for the lesser of two evils," he said.

The poll comes as President Barack Obama's approval ratings are close to a three-year high. The most recent Gallup Poll shows the president has a 51 percent approval rating compared to 45 percent at the beginning of the year. 

Some analysts have argued that the rise in Obama's approval ratings could be partially linked to the current negative outlook toward party leadership, as well as more favorable views from independents

As for Clinton and Trump, this isn't the only poll that shows them with high unfavorable ratings. The most recent New York Times/CBS News poll shows both candidates have unfavorable ratings over 50 percent. 

This video includes clips from Hillary for America and Donald J. Trump for President Inc. and images from Getty Images.