GOP Might Face Its Worst Nightmare: Losing All 3 Government Branches

A recent poll shows the Republican Party might be in trouble –– and not just in the presidential race.
Posted at 10:15 AM, Oct 11, 2016

Recent poll numbers show Donald Trump and the Republican Party could be in trouble.

After the 2005 Trump tape surfaced, a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows Hillary Clinton with a double-digit lead in the presidential race.

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The same poll found when voters were asked which party they'd like to see controlling Congress, the Democratic Party took a 7-point lead.

Losing both the presidency and the congressional majority would be a nightmare for Republicans, especially since Clinton would likely nominate a liberal-leaning judge to the Supreme Court.

Granted, this is only one poll, and much can change between now and the elections next month. But the Republican Party could be in a Catch-22 right now.

Trump may be seen as the biggest reason for the GOP's recent decline, yet a Politico poll found after his lewd comments leaked, almost three-quarters of Republican voters still said they wanted the party to stand behind him.