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Maker Of Ivanka Trump's Fashion Line Accused Of Unethical Practices

The Fair Labor Association found employees were paid less than half as much as the average factory worker.
Posted at 10:26 PM, Apr 26, 2017

The manufacturer of Ivanka Trump's fashion line is accused of underpaying and overworking its employees.

The G-III Apparel Group, which makes clothes for Trump's line as well as Levi's, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger, was blasted by a report after its factories were investigated by the Fair Labor Association.

A summary accused G-III of paying its workers around $250 per month. That's obviously below U.S. wage standards, but it's also less than half of what the average Chinese factory worker makes.

The investigation also concluded the factory didn't give workers legally required insurance and made some employees work up to 82 hours of overtime in a month, more than double the legal limit.

In March, Trump stepped back from a leadership role in her company to take on a role in the White House. But her line is at odds with her father's message of promoting American-made goods. 

"We are about to take bold new steps to follow through on my pledge to buy American and hire American," President Trump said at an event in Wisconsin.

President Trump just signed an executive order that aims to promote goods made in the U.S.