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French Presidential Candidate's 'Fake Jobs' Under Formal Investigation

Conservative French presidential candidate François Fillon faces several charges of embezzlement.
Posted at 6:12 PM, Mar 14, 2017

Scandal-hit French presidential candidate François Fillon is now under formal investigation

He's been charged with multiple counts of embezzlement. Earlier in the year, reports alleged his wife and two adult children had made around a million dollars in taxpayer money for government jobs they didn't actually do.

At one time the favorite in a three-way race, Fillon is now at risk of losing in the first round elections in April. 

Before his campaign, Fillon presented himself as no-nonsense and anti-corruption.

He even said he would end his race if he came under formal investigation. But once it became obvious that was going to happen, he reversed that claim. 

"It is with renewed energy and determination that I will be campaigning in the next few weeks, because France's destiny is at stake," Fillon said at a press conference Feb. 6.

France's first round of elections will be April 23. If none of the three major candidates get more than half the votes, a runoff election will be held May 7.