Michelle Obama Dons 'Good Wife' Attire For SOTU

Eagle-eyed observers noticed the first lady wore a Michael Kors dress that Alicia Florrick of CBS's "The Good Wife" wore last season.
Posted at 11:29 PM, Jan 20, 2015

President Obama's State of the Union brought up a lot of issues, but who thought fashion would be one?

No, we aren't talking about Obama's famous tan suit, despite a fake-out from the White House's Twitter feed

Instead, The Huffington Post's Taylor Cole Miller noticed First Lady Michelle seems to shop at the same place as Alicia Florrick. 

Michelle wore what appears to be a Michael Kors dress to the event, showing she shares a fashion sense with the main character of CBS's "The Good Wife." 

Of course, it's not a surprising choice. The first lady has worn the designer's dresses before, like at an arts education talent show last May.