A New Lawsuit Claims Trump Illegally Destroyed Presidential Records

Two watchdog groups have accused President Donald Trump and his office of violating federal law by destroying what they say are presidential records.
Posted at 10:32 AM, Jun 23, 2017

President Donald Trump is facing yet another lawsuit. This time, it's over his record keeping.

Two watchdog groups have accused Trump and his office of violating federal law by destroying presidential records.

The suit alleges White House staffers have been using "certain email messaging applications" that automatically delete messages after they're read.

On top of that, the groups claim that Trump has deleted tweets on his personal Twitter account.

The lawsuit alleges those actions violate the Presidential Records Act. It requires the preservation of certain White House communications so they can eventually be released to the public.

But a White House official denied those accusations, telling Newsweek the Trump administration "works diligently" to make sure all staffers follow the act.

This new suit comes after an Illinois congressman introduced the COVFEFE Act. It would officially classify a president's social media posts as presidential records that can't be destroyed.

By ProPublica's count, Trump has deleted 20 tweets from his personal Twitter account since taking office.