ICE Reportedly Sets A Date For Immigration Raids

One current and two former Homeland Security officials told The New York Times the raids are scheduled to begin Sunday.
Posted at 9:58 AM, Jul 11, 2019

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has reportedly set a date for a series of raids to deport members of undocumented families.

One current and two former Homeland Security officials told The New York Times the raids are scheduled to begin on Sunday. The Times says the finer details of the ever-changing operation are still "in flux."

But the officials said the raids will include "collateral" deportations. That means undocumented immigrants who happen to be on the scene could be detained, even though they weren't initially targets.

The raids were supposed to start late last month. But President Donald Trump decided to postpone them for two weeks and said they would start sometime after July 4

In the 2018 fiscal year, ICE arrested and deported over 95,000 people. The planned operation will reportedly target about 2,000 people.