House Committee To Subpoena President Trump's Financial Records

The House Oversight Committee is investigating claims made by the president's former personal attorney Michael Cohen.
Posted at 10:11 AM, Apr 13, 2019

On Friday, the House Oversight Committee announced plans to subpoena 10 years worth of President Donald Trump's financial records. 

Here's a bit of background: President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen submitted some of the president's financial statements to the committee before his testimony in February. There, he said the president altered financial statements that were prepared by an accounting firm. 

In March, House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings sent a letter to the CEO of that firm.

Cummings asked about several discrepancies in the documents. These include a "brand value" increase between 2012 and 2013, as well as omitted debts. The firm responded that it cannot turn over the documents without a subpoena.

This is set to be the first time Elijah Cummings will issue a subpoena without a congressional markup vote, and some people think he is abusing his power. The vote isn't required, and Cummings said he can't hold the vote because Congress is in recess. He is letting members give feedback on the subpoena before he issues it on Monday.