WH Could End Ban On Abortion Referrals From Federally Funded Clinics

​HHS will unveil the proposed rule change on Thursday.
Posted at 10:07 PM, Apr 14, 2021

The Biden administration is taking steps to roll back a Trump-era ban on abortion referrals from clinics getting public money.

Critics worry the reversal would mean taxpayer dollars going directly toward abortion procedures. Press secretary Jen Psaki made it clear that's against the law.  

"Funding cannot be used from this for abortion, ... but access to health care, access to health care in communities ... that have been marginalized, underserved, adversely affected by persistent poverty, is always going to be something the president fights for." 

If reversed, the rule change would free up hundreds of millions of dollars in Title X funding to more clinics serving low-income communities. 

HHS will unveil the proposed rule change on Thursday.