Rep. Hank Johnson reintroduces House gun control legislation

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia reintroduced a broad gun control measure, where it is expected to face headwinds in the House.
Posted at 7:46 PM, Dec 07, 2023

Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia reintroduced a House version of the Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act this week.

This is the third time Johnson has introduced the bill in the House.

Key measures of the bill include the creation of a federal gun licensing system, which would require a federal or state license to purchase a firearm; and implementation of universal background checks.

Johnson spoke with Scripps News on Thursday about his hopes for the bill, and the headwinds it has faced.

"In the House we still have many people who are not ready to go against the gun lobby," Johnson said, "which has resulted in a culture of proliferation of firearms in this country that the people are weary of."

"I think most Americans would agree that we are much too promiscuous with guns in this country, with the spread of proliferation of guns in the country. Something needs to be done to stop it," Johnson said. "I think the American people are clear of what they want. We have elections coming up, and this can be a litmus test for people who are standing for political office. The voters need to know where the candidates stand on ending this mass violence in America."

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"I think momentum is starting to shift, but again we have archaic rules in the Senate that need to be changed," he said, referring to filibuster rules in that chamber that require a minimum number of votes to end filibusters and bring legislation up for a vote — and can therefore enable a minority party to stonewall legislation. "We don't have a majority in the House of Representatives of people who are looking to do gun control, and gun reform. This next election is important."