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US, Taiwan hold a high-level meeting in a message to China

Lawmakers hope the high-level meeting will boost diplomatic and trade relations with Taiwan.
Posted at 8:27 PM, Apr 05, 2023

At the Reagan Library in California on Wednesday, a critical diplomatic meeting took place between the second-in-line to the US Presidency and Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen. 

The message to China was crystal clear, as Beijing breathes down Taipei’s neck, claiming dominion over a democracy it's never actually controlled. 

"It is no secret that today, the peace we have maintained and the democracy which we have worked hard to build are facing unprecedented challenges. We once again find ourselves in a world where democracy is under threat," said House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

The meeting on American soil comes at a pivotal moment in increasingly tense US-China relations, as the House develops a new committee to focus on China, grows wary of China’s relationship with Russia amid its war in Ukraine and investigates the Chinese government’s hand in popular apps like TikTok

"Today was a bipartisan meeting with Republicans and Democrats united together in a place that symbolizes the freedom and the commitment and the bond that’s only become stronger with the president with us today,” McCarthy said.

Just last year, China conducted live missile tests after then-speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan

Now, Taiwan says it’s seen Chinese ships and planes in its waters and airspace. 

It’s not uncommon, but it’s prompting concerns of a reaction from Beijing as it vows to "defend" its "territory." 

And it comes as a group of bipartisan members of Congress vow to strengthen Taiwan’s trade and diplomatic relationship with the US — a resounding message on both sides of the Taiwan Strait.