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UN Report: North Korea Hasn't Stopped Its Nuclear, Missile Programs

A confidential report was submitted by independent experts to the United Nations Security Council late Friday.
Posted at 10:30 AM, Aug 04, 2018

A confidential report submitted to the United Nations Security Council says North Korea has violated U.N. sanctions by refusing to stop its nuclear and missile programs.

Reuters reports independent experts who have been monitoring the implementation of U.N. sanctions submitted the 149-page document Friday evening.

The report says North Korea hasn't stopped its nuclear and missile programs, undermining U.N. financial sanctions placed on the country to slow funding for those programs. 

North Korea has also reportedly attempted to sell weapons and other military equipment to Libya, Yemen and Sudan.

Earlier this week, The Washington Post reported that North Korea looks like it's constructing new missiles. The outlet cited unnamed officials who said new satellite images and other evidence show renewed activity at a facility outside of Pyongyang. 

As of Saturday morning, North Korea hadn't commented on the report's findings.