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Congress Sends Sanctions Package To The President's Desk

Congress passed a new package of economic sanctions on three countries with restrictions to prevent the White House from undoing them.
Posted at 10:06 PM, Jul 27, 2017

An economic sanctions bill is heading to the president's desk — and it could put President Trump in a tight spot.

The bill includes new economic penalties for Russia, Iran and North Korea. And it makes it tough for Trump to undo those sanctions.

White House officials have previously complained that the bill is too restrictive. But it's not clear whether Trump will end up signing the bill.

When asked about the bill, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said, "We continue to support strong sanctions against those three countries, and we're going to wait and see what that final legislation looks like and make a decision at that point."

Opposing the bill could be politically awkward for a White House that's been accused of going easy on Russia. Plus, Congress has enough votes to override any veto attempt from the president.

But signing it could make foreign policy tougher: Russian President Vladimir Putin recently called the bill "illegal under international law."