Workers, Small Business Owners Struggle During Pandemic

A roundtable of workers tell President-elect Joe Biden they are struggling to survive amid the pandemic.
Posted at 10:54 AM, Dec 03, 2020

A round table of workers and small business owners told President-elect Biden yesterday they're struggling to survive.

Karen Coffey: "Health insurance is gone. Our jobs are basically gone. And um, we need job security. We need the companies to know that they can't give our jobs to somebody else once this is over, that we can economic. We want to be there."

Biden agreed it that it would be extremely hard for the next few months for them unless Congress passed COVID relief. 

President-elect Biden: "Any package passed in this so-called 'lame duck session' between now and January 21st, at best, will only be a down payment on what's going to happen early next year. My transition team is already working on what I will put forward to the next Congress to address the multiple crises we are facing, especially the economic crisis of COVID."

Biden didn't offer any specific details about that plan.