White House Seems To Support Releasing Secret Congressional Memo

Republicans say a memo by Rep. Devin Nunes shows FBI bias against the president.
Posted at 9:09 PM, Jan 23, 2018

The White House seems to be open to the idea of Congress sharing a secret memo that Republicans say shows FBI bias against the president.

"We certainly support full transparency," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday. "It sounds like there are members in the House that have some real concern with what's in that memo."

But here's the thing: We don't actually know much about the memo, except that it's reportedly critical of the FBI and that Republican House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes put it together. We know that.

People who are familiar with the memo told Politico it claims senior officials at the FBI abused a surveillance program to spy on the Trump campaign.

Many Republicans are calling for its public release. But Democrats say the memo is a misleading political attack designed to distract from more pressing issues, like the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.

And so far, the FBI itself says it's been denied a copy of it.

The memo reportedly made the rounds in the House of Representatives last week, but until we know for sure what it says, talk about the memo is just ... talk.