How The America Trump Inherited Stacks Up Against The One Obama Got

We've got the numbers.
Posted at 6:52 PM, Jan 27, 2017

Here's how the country President Donald Trump inherited compares to the one Barack Obama inherited from George W. Bush. 


After Obama: 4.7 percent

After Bush: 7.8 percent


After Obama: +1.7 percent

After Bush: -3.5 percent

Median household income  

After Obama: $56,516

After Bush: $55,376

Wage growth 

After Obama: +2.9 percent

After Bush: +3.6 percent


After Obama: 13.5 percent

After Bush: 13.2 percent

Violent crime rate 

After Obama: 372.6 per 100,000

After Bush: 454.5 per 100,000 

CO2 emissions

After Obama: 496 million metric tons

After Bush: 532 million metric tons 


After Obama: 8.9 percent

After Bush: 16.8 percent 

Undocumented immigrants in the U.S. 

After Obama: 11.1 million

After Bush: 11.9 million 

Federal deficit 

After Obama: 2.4 percent of GDP

After Bush: 3.1 percent of GDP