'Shuddle' App Hopes To Become The Uber Of Kids' Ridesharing

Shuddle is a new ridesharing service for kids, and it's hoping to become the become the Uber of youth transportation.
Posted at 2:14 PM, Oct 27, 2014

Imagine hiring someone who you’ve never met to drive your kids around – they scoop your kids from home and take them to say soccer practice.

The new ride-sharing app is called Shuddle and according to the group behind the new service, “[Shuddle] is like having a teacher, nanny or other caregiver available whenever you need help getting your kids where they need to go.”

Nick Allen, the co-founder of Sidecar, created Shuddle which currently operates in the San Francisco area and up to this point has only hired female drivers. (Video via TechCrunch)

And while it is a ride-sharing service there are some very distinct differences between Shuddle and a service like Uber or Allen’s first project Sidecar.

All Shuddle drivers must have childcare experience, Shuddle says it conducts a “thorough” background check, parents can track the ride on their phone in real time, parents receive the driver’s bio information beforehand and the driver even has tell the parents a password to confirm their identity.

But even with all that the Guardian says if this app gains popularity and expands it will face serious challenges other car services don’t have.

“Shuddle’s task is to not only adapt its policies to issues as they arise, but to communicate them clearly to parents in order to win their trust.

Other car services for kids exist but they are specialized to one area or city and most don’t have an app. Kids Car New York on the east coast for example or Moms Helping Moms Shuttle Service which is only in South Florida.

And the specialized rides don’t stop with children. As Uber becomes more and more popular the concept of ridesharing – that doesn’t involve taxis – continues to gain steam.

“A ride for women, driven by women.”

SheRides is an app hoping to gain popularity in the New York area that will allow women to catch rides specifically from female drivers.  

It remains to be seen if SheRides or Shuddle will be adopted around the country but if Uber is any indication, this can be a very profitable venture. In July, investors valued the ridesharing service at $17 billion. (Video via Uber)

This video includes an image from Getty Images.