New rule for Target employees offers major relief

The rule change was reflected in the company's new handbook that came out in July.
Target employees celebrate
Posted at 2:23 PM, Aug 09, 2023

A new rule for Target employees has left staff overjoyed.

The company’s new handbook that came out in July says employees can now wear shorts and skirts, as long as they're mid-thigh or longer. That’s according to staff members sharing the news and photos of the new rule on social media. Most Target employees were previously required to wear pants.

This new guidance is especially helpful as temperatures continue to break records amid extreme heat. 

On TikTok, Target worker Kaitlin Sondae shared her excitement over the news in a video that had amassed over 100,000 views as of Wednesday. 

"OK besties, Target teams can now wear shorts that are mid-thigh or longer," Sondae said in her video. "So we're out here doing the most."

"I can wear shorts if they're denim and stuff like that, but it used to be just drive-up and cart attendance, and now it's everyone — yay!" she said. 

Users in the comments celebrated the good news, describing their Target stores as "HOT" or "boiling."

On Reddit, a user said the change was already having a positive impact.

"Man, wearing shorts today was amazing," user Jbates716 said. "It felt so nice not having to wear pants when it was 116 and only getting hotter."

Target spokesperson Brian Harper-Tibaldo confirmed the news to Insider, saying worker safety in extreme heat is a priority. 

Target also offers frequent water breaks and rest to support employees during hot months, he said.