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You can earn more than $17,000 for playing Uno

Mattel is looking for a Chief Uno Player to test out a new version of the game.
Person holding Uno cards.
Posted at 1:04 PM, Aug 04, 2023

Earning cash to play games is no longer just a plot from the classic movie “Big,” thanks to Mattel. The toy company recently shared a job posting looking for someone to become its Chief Uno Player.

You remember Uno, right? It’s the deceptively simple card game where you aim to rid of all your cards before your teammates and get to yell “Uno” when you only have one left.

If you love playing the game, can travel and have a willingness to challenge strangers to a friendly game in creative ways, then you might just be the right candidate for Mattel’s Chief Uno Player position.

Mattel’s job posting said it’s looking “for someone who’s just as passionate about throwing down a Draw 4 as they are engaging strangers in a game. Someone who knows how to play a reverse and likes to get WILD (in a nice-ish way.)”

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The Chief Uno Player must be able to work in New York City from Sept. 13 through Oct. 7. If chosen for the role, you’ll be out on the streets looking for strangers to play a new game in the Uno collection — Uno Quatro — for four hours a day, four days per week.

As part of the job, you’ll play the game and create video content to share on social media that’s fun, creative and helps promote Mattel’s latest addition to the Uno family.

In return for the winning applicant’s Uno prowess and creativity, Mattel will pay $4,444 a week, making the grand total for four weeks of this work $17,776. Not bad!

So, how do you apply to become the Chief Uno Player?

Mattel shared a video on TikTok for candidates who think they can take on the new job.


🚨do you have what it takes to be our CHIEF UNO PLAYER?🚨 are you passionate about throwing down the Draw 4 and playing the Reverse Card IRL? stitch this video, introduce yourself and answer these four questions:   what’s your best memory playing UNO? what’s your best Reverse Card moment? why shouldn’t we SKIP you as the Chief UNO player? what’s your fave version of UNO?   submit your video by August 10th at 11:59 PM PST and check out the link in our bio for more information.

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To apply for the job, candidates ages 18 and older have until Aug. 10 to create a video answering the four questions listed in the video’s caption, upload it to TikTok and stitch it to the original Uno job posting video.

Get all the details for applying at Mattel’s job listing for the Chief Uno Player position.

Do you have what it takes to play Uno professionally?

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