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Teamsters leader asks Biden not to get involved in possible UPS strike

The delivery company announced they will train nonunion employees to deliver packages in the event of a strike.
President Biden talks with Teamsters union President Sean O'Brien, on April 4, 2022.
Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 17, 2023

UPS workers may be inching closer to a strike.

The head of the Teamsters Union, Sean O'Brien, stated in a call with members on Sunday that he has asked the White House not to intervene if UPS workers end up on strike, according to the Associated Press.

The labor union represents 340,000 of the delivery company's workers, including drivers and warehouse workers.

They have been negotiating with UPS for higher wages, air conditioning in more trucks, and getting rid of a two-tier wage system for drivers who work weekends.

Union members voted to authorize a strike if a deal isn't complete by July 31.

Negotiations have been at a halt for about a week.

UPS delivery worker.

UPS-Teamsters negotiations collapse as strike appears imminent

The union representing nearly 340,000 UPS workers says the company has "walked away from the bargaining table," paving the way for a strike.


So how will this impact you?

It could mean a disruption in the supply chain, slower delivery times, and higher delivery prices.

The last UPS Teamsters strike was in 1997. It involved nearly 185,000 members and lasted 15 days, according to the Associated Press.

In 2022, UPS delivered an average of 24.3 million packages a day, according to the company. The company's total revenue in 2022 was $100.3 billion.

UPS said they will start training non-union employees to deliver packages in the event of a strike.

The company wrote in a July 14 press release: "These activities also will not take away from our ongoing efforts to finalize a new contract."

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A UPS driver loads a truck in New York

Labor negotiations at UPS could have nationwide ripples

UPS delivers about a quarter of parcels across the country every day — meaning labor negotiations at the company might be noticed nationwide.