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Not All Retailers Want You Shopping On Thanksgiving

Some say retail is encroaching on Thanksgiving and want stores to stay closed for the holiday so employees can spend time with family.
Posted at 2:55 PM, Oct 28, 2015

More stores are opening up on Thanksgiving, and while the move can give retailers more business, not everyone is thrilled.

To name a few, Macy'sBest Buy and Toys R Us will have select stores open on the holiday. (Video via Macy's)

"Hey, guys. I brought you an early Christmas present," a voice actor said in an Toys R Us commercial.

But in recent years, thousands have signed online petitions asking retailers to protect the holiday and time off for employees.

Staples recently joined a list of retailers shutting down on Thanksgiving. (Video via Staples)

Von MaurSam's Club and outdoor recreation store REI are a few others that'll be closed this holiday. (Video via Von Maur)

"We'd rather be in the mountains than in the aisles," the CEO of REI said in a video.

REI recently announced it would also be shutting down on Black Friday. The company is encouraging its customers to go outside and enjoy nature instead. (Video via REI)