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Lawsuit accuses Taco Bell of hosting alcohol-fueled sex party

A former employee claims she walked into a holiday party at the L.A. restaurant to find her co-worker "having sex with his wife in front of everyone."
The Taco Bell logo is seen at a restaurant.
Posted at 2:59 PM, Nov 23, 2023

A former Los Angeles area Taco Bell employee is suing a franchise owner and the company after a holiday party at the fast-food restaurant last year allegedly turned into drunken chaos that involved open sex.

Alana Bechiom filed the lawsuit last week in Los Angeles Superior Court. In it, she claims that employees of the San Pedro Taco Bell were invited to a Christmas Party at the restaurant last December that included a potluck-style buffet and alcohol, according to the complaint obtained by The Guardian.

When Bechiom arrived with a bowl of guacamole, the lawsuit claims she saw that the restaurant's windows were blocked out by wrapping paper. The lobby's surveillance cameras were also allegedly covered as her manager provided drinks to employees, including some who appeared to be "overserved."

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Bechiom claims she briefly stepped outside later in the night, returning to see one of her co-workers "having sex with his wife in front of everyone at the party." Meanwhile, the co-worker's wife was also simultaneously kissing her manager and another Taco Bell associate, the complaint states. 

Bechiom allegedly ran out of the restaurant "shocked, disgusted and outraged," but went back in to retrieve her guacamole bowl. That's when she claims she saw both her manager and the other co-worker vomiting — one in the guacamole bowl. 

The complaint goes on to say that Bechiom reported the incident to Taco Bell's corporate human resources department and the franchise's owner, Alvarado Restaurant Group. The manager and other co-workers who were involved in the sexual encounter were subsequently fired. 

But the problems didn't stop there, the complaint states. Bechiom claims that associates of the fired employees then threatened her for reporting the incident and also broke her car window. Instead of disciplining the workers, Bechiom said her Taco Bell superiors ultimately looked to have her transferred to a different location. 

She later quit. 

Her lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages from Taco Bell and Alvarado Restaurant Group for alleged violations of anti-discrimination laws. Bechiom is also demanding a trial by jury.