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Instagram Will Make Facebook Even More Money On Mobile

Instagram has launched a new partner program that connects those looking to sell ads on the social media service with advertising specialists.
Posted at 5:02 PM, Nov 11, 2015

Mobile ads were a big winner for Facebook last quarter, so this news about an advertising partner program for Instagram means there are even more dollar signs in the company's future. (Video via Facebook)

Forty partners are in the program, which launched Tuesday. And Instagram says the group is "ready to power businesses around the globe in three key areas of expertise on Instagram." (Video via Instagram)

The three areas are ad tech — tools that let advertisers oversee ads for optimal performance; community management, which helps teams understand the users they're trying to reach; and content marketing, which helps with creating an actual advertisement.

If you're familiar with the way Facebook helps marketers promote posts, pages and campaigns on its site, these tools may seem familiar. 

And that's because, so far, the tools have worked — especially on mobile, which is Instagram's main audience. 

In Facebook's third-quarter earnings report, it said the company made 78 percent of all advertising revenue on mobile. And it was only toward the end of that quarter that Facebook started to beef up ads on Instagram. (Video via Facebook)

So it's likely Instagram will see a lot of praise in Facebook's Q4 report, which isn't due for release until early next year. (Video via Instagram)