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FDA Accuses Jimmy John's Of Using Contaminated Vegetables

The FDA said the fast food chain used "adulterated" produce which could be tied to outbreaks in "no fewer than 17 states" over 7 years.
Posted at 3:47 PM, Feb 26, 2020

The FDA accused sandwich fast food chain Jimmy John's of using vegetables linked to multiple different E. coli and salmonella outbreaks.

In a letter released Tuesday, the FDA said Jimmy John's used "adulterated" produce, specifically clover sprouts and cucumbers. It added these 5 noted outbreaks "impacted consumers in no fewer than 17 states" over seven years.

The letter also said that despite Jimmy John's saying it was working to fix the problem, it "[has] not provided [the] FDA with any information demonstrating long-term, sustainable prevent this violation from recurring in the future."

Jimmy John's president James North told CNN the company has removed sprouts from its stores as a cautionary measure, adding, "food safety is our top priority."

Jimmy John's has 15 days to share its plan to "address the violation" or faces further action from the FDA.