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Delta Air Lines Commits $1 Billion To Curb Its Carbon Emissions

​The company said it plans to mitigate its use of jet fuel and invest in carbon removal projects, like forestry and wetland restoration.
Posted at 4:45 PM, Feb 14, 2020

Delta Air Lines will commit $1 billion over the next decade in an effort to become the world's first carbon-neutral airline.

The company said in a news release Friday it will begin looking into ways "to mitigate all emissions from its global business" starting March 1. It's estimated that about 2% of global CO2 emissions come from the aviation industry, and Delta says it has a plan on how it will reduce its own carbon footprint.

One area the company said it will focus on is decreasing its use of jet fuel. It hopes to accomplish this by improving its flight operations, reducing weight in its aircraft, and developing and using more sustainable fuels.

The airline also said it will invest in "carbon removal opportunities" through things like "forestry, wetland restoration ... and other negative emissions technologies." And it plans to build coalitions with employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders to advance its environmental goals.

Delta CEO Ed Bastian said in a statement Friday: "The broad, industry-leading work we've done over the past decade isn't enough — we need to do more, faster. ... We're digging deep into every corner of our business, engaging experts, building coalitions, fostering partnerships and driving innovation. ... We don't have all the answers today, but our investments of time, talent and resources in projects big and small will bring meaningful progress."

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