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Amazon Could Have Sparked The Merger Between CVS And Aetna

Some claim Amazon's pharmacy licenses could have sparked the $69 billion deal between CVS Health and health insurer Aetna.
Posted at 9:38 AM, Dec 04, 2017

In one of the biggest mergers of the year, drugstore chain CVS is buying health insurer Aetna.

And some claim Amazon could have sparked the $69 billion deal.

Back in October, Amazon got approval for wholesale pharmacy licenses in several states, which experts said was further proof of Amazon's likely venture into the drug supply market.

The very idea reportedly has potential competitors like CVS pretty spooked.

But, as The New York Times notes, the combined forces of CVS and Aetna could be a "formidable figure" if Amazon decides to get into health care.

The deal could help make CVS a one-stop shop for health care. Still, critics worry Aetna customers could be left with fewer options as to where to get care or fill a prescription.