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How Did Costco Become The Hottest Name In Golf?

Costco got some excess golf balls from a factory that turned out to be massively popular.
Posted at 3:45 PM, Jan 19, 2017

Golf is synonymous with wealthy people, and for good reason. A good set of clubs can set you back hundreds of dollars, and booking a tee time can be pricey. But surprisingly, one of the hottest names in golf is sold at Costco.

It all started when consumer golf website tested the Kirkland Signature brand of golf balls against the top-selling Titleist Pro V1. The results were pretty surprising.

"Our test results show that the Kirkland Signature was 9 yards longer, has less driver spin and has better wedge spin," the video says.

If you're not familiar with golf, those are excellent numbers. And since the Kirkland Signature balls are a fraction of the cost of the name-brand ones, golfers are flocking to Costco to snap up as many as they can.

Costco sells 24 Kirkland Signature balls for $30. The Titleist balls cost more than $40 for just a dozen.

While Costco appears to have a hit on its hands, the Kirkland Signature balls might be a limited run since the wholesaler isn't really in the golfing business.

"Costco buys them from a company called Nassau Golf, which has a factory in South Korea where they're made. The interesting thing about that is this isn't like an ongoing supply chain. Nassau Golf had what is essentially a dump of some excess production that they sold to Costco," Wall Street Journal sports reporter Brian Costa said.

Thanks to the positive reviews, the Kirkland Signature balls have been flying off shelves before many golfers can get them. If you really want to try them for yourself, you can buy some on eBay, though they'll be a lot more expensive online than at Costco.