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Actions Lays Off 3,000 More Employees After Firing 900 Over Zoom

The mortgage lending site's CEO Vishal Garg faced criticism last year after firing 900 employees during a Zoom meeting.
Posted at 2:59 PM, Mar 10, 2022 is an online mortgage lender that made headlines in December 2021 when the company's CEO laid off 900 employees during a Zoom meeting.

Now, 3,000 more employees — one-third of the company's staff — are being laid off, with some of the employees hearing of the news by way of severance checks.

Christian Chapman is one of the employees who was laid off during the Zoom call and he says the recent news isn't shocking.

"I was talking to some friends and you've got somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000 people laid off since December," he said. "That's 40% to 50% of the company."