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Adidas donating $150 million from Yeezy shoe sales to anti-hate groups

The gift comes after Adidas cut ties with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, over his antisemitic and offensives statements.
Combination photo shows an Adidas Yeezy advertisement, left, and Kanye West.
Posted at 3:02 PM, Mar 14, 2024

Adidas said Wednesday that it's donated or is planning to give away more than $150 million to groups fighting antisemitism and other forms of hate from the sales of Yeezy shoes last year after it severed ties with Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West.

The German sportswear brand had $1.3 billion worth of popular Yeezy sneakers piled up in warehouses after it broke off its partnership with Ye in October 2022 over his antisemitic and other offensive comments on social media and in interviews.

Adidas decided to sell some of the remaining shoes in batches, with two releases last year and another that launched late last month, and donate a portion of the proceeds to anti-hate groups.

The company has made donations to the Anti-Defamation League and the Philonise & Keeta Floyd Institute for Social Change, run by social justice advocate Philonise Floyd, the brother of George Floyd.

Adidas rakes in $437 million from first sale of Yeezy stockpile
Advertisement for Yeezy shoes made by Adidas.

Adidas rakes in $437 million from first sale of Yeezy stockpile

Adidas said part of the proceeds will go to anti-hate groups.


Net sales of what's left of Adidas' former banner line of sneakers brought in about $800 million last year, compared with over $1.3 billion in 2022, the company reported.

Of the roughly $326 million profit it earned from the sales of Yeezy shoes last year, the company said it had given away or planned to donate over $150 million.

Adidas said deciding to sell a big chunk of its Yeezy inventory and improved operations helped it pull out operating profit of nearly $300 million last year, a nearly 60% plunge from the previous year. It blamed a high tax rate for ending the year with a net loss of about $63 million, a massive turnaround from net income of about $276 million in 2022.

“Although by far not good enough, 2023 ended better than what I had expected at the beginning of the year," said CEO Bjørn Gulden, who took over the top job last year.

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Kanye West

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Looking forward, Adidas expects to make about $272 million in sales of the remaining Yeezy shoes this year.

But the Herzogenaurach, Germany-based company points to North America as a persistent problem spot, expecting revenue to decline in the mid-single digits this year and grow everywhere else. It said that North America was “particularly affected by the negative Yeezy impact” and that revenue there dropped 16% last year.

Adidas expects to almost double operating profit to about $544 million this year despite “macroeconomic challenges and geopolitical tensions.” It plans to further scale up popular shoe lines like Samba that are seeing “extraordinary demand,” launch new ones and get a boost from major sports events like the Paris Olympics this summer.

Adidas shares were up slightly in late morning trading.