Christmas Tree Industry Struck By Supply Chain Issues

Shortages and high demand have led to higher prices for real and artificial trees this holiday season.
Posted at 7:43 PM, Dec 01, 2021

Experts are warning us to buy our Christmas gifts earlier this year so we can get them in time. Meanwhile, another item to add to that Christmas list is a tree.

Getting that Christmas tree — whether real or artificial — may be a lot harder this year and it might make a larger dent in your wallet.

According to the American Christmas Tree Association, the average live tree costs about $78 and the average artificial tree costs $104 this year. But don't be surprised if you're paying 5-10% more than you would last year. 

One of the largest artificial tree suppliers — Balsam Hill — says it's able to provide just 43% of the trees it usually would because of supply chain issues. 

For consumers looking to get a tree, they may turn to tree farms, which are also tight on supply.

But not everyone is experiencing the same troubles. In Lexington, Kentucky, Dale Barker is selling trees like hotcakes.

"We used to sell 300 over a two-month period of time," he said. "Now we're selling the same number of trees in a day."

Farmers like Barker suggest if you do want a tree this holiday season, to get it sooner rather than later.