Where's Kim Jong-Un? North Korea Acknowledges Health Issue

After three weeks with no public appearances, state media released a pre-recorded documentary saying the North Korean leader had "discomfort."
Posted at 10:33 AM, Sep 26, 2014

If you're looking for a recent pic of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, good luck. Kim hasn't been seen in public for weeks now.

Kim's absence from several events — most notably an annual state meeting called the Supreme People's Assembly on Thursday — inspired plenty of speculative articles about his health, but that was it.

Remember, the notoriously secretive Hermit Kingdom is the same country where we've seen outlandish rumors like Kim feeding his uncle to starving dogs.

But Thursday, the story picked up some legitimacy when it came to Kim's possible health problems.

World media first reported a very noticeable limp in July. On state media KCNA, Kim appeared to have trouble walking as he led a group of military officials.

Then, what appeared to be another pre-recorded documentary Thursday included this statement: "The wealth and prosperity of our socialism is thanks to the painstaking efforts of our marshal, who keeps lighting the path for the people, like the flicker of a flame, despite suffering discomfort."

Based on the limp and family history, South Korean officials have speculated Kim may have gout, diabetes and high blood pressure.

The Wall Street Journal noted Kim's grandfather and dictator of North Korea for more than half a century, Kim Il-sung, was known to have gout.

This video includes images from Getty Images.