Viral Video: Sometimes Cats Need Boundaries

Ami and Ohagi are cat buddies, but one day Ohagi took things a little too far.
Posted at 2:58 PM, Oct 24, 2014

Meet Ami ... and Ohagi. The two cat friends certainly love each other, but sometimes, cats need boundaries. 

It starts out innocently enough, and then ... a whiff to end all whiffs.

Did you see Ami's face? 

Guess Ohagi needs to take a bath ... 

The YouTube video title says it all: "It Stinks!"

Ami almost looked as agitated as this dog who is NOT in the mood to play. 

Although, in Ami's case, there's likely a reason for him opening his mouth. In the animal world, it's called a flehmen response. 

It's a normal cat thing, according to About. Some animals have an organ in the roof of their mouths that traps scents. 

So actually, Ami might have been getting a better whiff of Ohagi's butt. 

OK, that's kinda gross. "Butt" to each their own ... right?