Ukraine's Ousted President Wanted For Mass Murder

Yanukovych's exact wherabouts remain a mystery. He was reportedly last seen in the Russian-speaking Black Sea peninsula of Crimea Sunday.
Posted at 7:57 AM, Feb 24, 2014

Ukraine’s acting government has issued an arrest warrant for President Viktor Yanukovych.

​He’s wanted in connection with the deaths of protesters in last week’s demonstrations. New government leaders say a crackdown Yanukovych ordered on the protests left 82 people dead. (Via  ITN, Channel 4

Yanukovych, of course, triggered months of protests when he ditched an association agreement with the European Union last November, in favor of a bailout package from Russia. (Via Euronews)

A message posted on Facebook by Ukraine’s interior minister Monday read "As of this morning a mass murder of peaceful citizens case has been initiated ... Yanukovych and a number of other officials were put on a wanted list.”

Yanukovych's exact wherabouts remain a mystery. He was reportedly last seen in the Russian-speaking Black Sea peninsula of Crimea Sunday.

According to some reports, he tried boarding a charter plane but was turned away when he didn’t have the proper documents. (Via NBC)

One thing's for sure — he's not in his lavish residence in Kiev. The presidential palace was overrun by journalists and protesters Saturday. (Via YouTube / Віталій Уманець)

So for now, it's a little unclear who's in charge. 

In a TV address Saturday, Yanukovych insisted he was still president and all the actions taken by the parliament were illegal. (Via ENCA)

But the parliament is moving forward with plans for a new government — having appointed its speaker Oleksandr Turchynov as acting president. (Via Arirang News)

The parliament has until Tuesday to form a new unity government. Presidential elections are scheduled for May.