UK Election Roundup: Slip-Ups, Sing-Offs And Sausage Rolls

A month of campaigning in the U.K. has produced more gaffes than we could have asked for. Here's a look at our favorites.
Posted at 3:39 PM, May 06, 2015

How to win a British election: some do's and don'ts. (Video via Conservative Party, Labour Party, Scottish National Party,Liberal Democrats

DO: Your homework.

"Can you tell me more about the key policies?" a reporter said. 

"Um," Labour parliamentary candidate Ruth Cadbury said. 

"Sum them up. What are the key policies?" a reporter said. 

"Um ... I can't remember my key … I do need to check … I'm reading them every day. ... Er … sorry … Labour's key policies," Cadbury said. (Video via The Chiswick Calendar

DON'T: Use cutlery.

"If you look closely, you'll see David Cameron's got a knife and fork," a BBC reporter said. 

"What kind of monster eats a hot dog with a knife and fork?" a CNN anchor said. 

"So awkward. … So wrong," Roya Nikkhah said on Sky News.  

DO: Be yourself … even if that means baring it all.

"A double life revealed. Until now, he'd kept his pornography separate from his politics. ... He goes by the name of Johnny Rockard. For reasons of decency we can't show his X-rated performances," BBC anchor said. 

DON'T: Bribe voters with snacks.

"The UKIP parliamentary candidate from Hampshire accused of potentially wooing voters by handing out sausage rolls," an ITV anchor said. 

"There were treats offered. Apparently this is against electoral law. It is called treating," Gavin Haynes, Vice political correspondent told Sky News 

DO: Campaign in all seven kingdoms.

"I'm here in Northern Ireland, and I'm on the set of 'Game of Thrones' …  I'm very excited right now as a big 'throney,'" said U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said. (Video via Conservative Party

DON'T: Quit your day job. (Video via BBC