TV Personality Finds World’s Coolest Bathroom

Model and TV personality Jason Godfrey stumbled upon a restroom in the Philippines that puts others to shame.
Posted at 1:32 PM, Dec 30, 2014

Gas station bathrooms are usually nothing to brag about, but there’s an exception, and it was TV personality Jason Godfrey who found it.

“I’m at a Shell station, and I want to take you to the toilet here. ... I’m walking into the Shell toilet. This is the Shell toilet! Look at it! ... This toilet is better than my room!” Godfrey says.

If it weren’t for the toilets in there, we wouldn’t believe it was even a restroom. And NBC anchors would also be up for chilling in the bathroom.

“I can almost smell the potpourri,” NBC anchor Tamron Hall says.

“I wonder what the ladies room looks like,” another anchor asks.

“Let’s all hang out there, shall we?” anchor Savannah Guthrie says.

“So if you’re looking for a toilet somewhere, look for this Shell station,” Godfrey says.

The Shell station is somewhere in the Philippines. Anyone down for a treasure hunt? Although the treasure we’d be looking for is, well, a toilet.