Train, Train Go Away: Commuters Lift Train Off Fellow Rider

A morning train in Australia was temporarily delayed when a man got stuck between the train and the platform. Luckily, passengers helped pull him out.
Posted at 10:11 AM, Aug 06, 2014

A slew of commuters saved someone from being stuck under a train, and all before their morning coffee. 

Check out this security camera video posted by ABC News Australia from a Perth train station.

A man was boarding the train when his leg fell through the gap between the train and the platform. He was stuck. So his fellow passengers banded together, using their own strength to push the train over just enough that he could get out. Dozens of people helping there — and the man walked away unscathed. 

It's pretty cool footage — morning shows in the U.S. had the same takeaways across networks.  

"Truly, truly remarkable." (Via ABC)

"Amazingly, he wasn't even hurt."

"It's nice to see people joining forces like that to do something great." (Via NBC)

Amazement, and recalling a familiar phrase — though Americans and Brits have two different versions.

"Watch the gap."

"You gotta watch that gap there."

"Can you imagine how frightening that is?"

"Mind the gap."


"Mind the gap." (Via BBC)

​We find the British version a bit more charming. It all happened just before 9 Wednesday morning, and according to ABC, the train was ultimately delayed by just 15 minutes.