Train Officials Detained After Moscow Derailment

Two subway workers have been detained in connection to the Moscow derailment that killed 22 people.
Posted at 10:08 AM, Jul 16, 2014

Russian authorities have detained two men in connection with Tuesday's train derailment in Moscow that left at least 22 dead and more than 150 injured.  

Officials from the Investigative Committee of Russia announced train supervisor Valery Bashkatov and assistant supervisor Yury Gordov had both been detained and will face charges soon.

The BBC reports the two are suspected of using "inadequate" wiring while working the Arbatsko-Potrovskaya line in May, and officials believe that ultimately led to the crash.

RT zeroed in on a railway switch that hadn't been wired to withstand normal stress and snapped, causing the train to derail. 

The line runs into through the Moscow city center and is reportedly one of the metro's busiest lines, carrying some 800 thousand people daily. (Via LifeNews)  

The timing of the crash could explain why so many people were injured. 

"This is really a nightmare for any commuter, this happened right at the heart of rush hour, right when thousands of people were trying to get to work on what's one of the world's busiest subway systems." (Via ABC)

Some are saying officials should have seen the derailment coming, as The Moscow Times reports authorities, "brushed aside complaints of rattling cars on the stretch of the line where the accident took place, according to comments and letters published on Russia's social networks."

All the images of the wreckage seem to show the front of the train was crushed against the side of the tunnel and witness accounts confirmed that area of the train was the worst affected. (Via Sky News)

"There was a horrible panic. There was hardly anything left of the front carriage, just a big dent. Somebody then opened the door and we got out." (Via RT)

The derailment is reportedly the worst loss of life in the Moscow Metro since a terrorist attack in 2010 killed 39 people. (Via CNN)

Moscow observed a day of mourning Wednesday for the victims of the crash.