Top 3 Animals Interrupting Newscasts

What's more distracting than an adorable animal on TV? We can't think of anything, either.
Posted at 1:05 PM, Dec 02, 2014

Animals can be distracting. Animals misbehaving on live TV ... now that's entertainment. 

At No. 1, King, a 1-year-old bulldog, wasn't a distraction because of his fluff, but rather, his jump. 

"Hey, King, how are ya? Whoa. Live TV. ... It's not your turn yet, you have to wait one more segment. I know," WTVJ meteorologist Ryan Phillips said.

FYI — King the bulldog is up for adoption through Pooches in Pines in Florida. 

King's jump to fame got us thinking about a few of our other favorite animals stealing the news show — maybe King was part of the "ripple" effect. At No. 2, a dog named Ripple also got in on a weather report back in October.

*Leash breaks, dog starts to jump on weatherman*

The Edmonton Humane society later told Global News Ripple had been adopted. The society also offers training classes ... hint, hint, nudge, nudge.

And at No. 3, don't think the felines will be shown up. In 2012, a WXMI reporter was a little surprised when ... well, just watch. 

"I'm Nicole DiDonato, live in East town. And those details coming up — " she said.

DiDonato told HLN the cat didn't seem malnourished, so she thinks it had a home. He probably just wanted his 15 minutes of fame.

This video includes music from Space Invaders v Psychadelik Pedestrian / CC BY NC 3.0.