Three Officers Dead, Suspect Still On Loose In Canada

Police are searching for shooting suspect Justin Bourque in a blocked off area, but after hours of searching, there's still no sign of him.
Posted at 8:28 AM, Jun 05, 2014

Three officers have been killed and two others wounded in Canada after a shooting.

Police quickly tweeted out a picture of 24-year-old Justin Bourque, urging anyone who has seen him to call 911. Investigators warned they considered Bourque armed and dangerous. WNBC reports:  (Via Twitter / @RCMPNB)

"They say the suspect opened fire on the street in Moncton. ... They say he's wearing camouflage, carrying two rifles ... the two wounded officers, though, are expected to survive."​ 

Officials have warned people to stay inside and lock their doors. CNN reports a spokeswoman for the city, who also lives in the locked down area, says neighborhood entrances have been blocked off and, "Her husband has not been able to reach their home." (Via CNN & CTV)

BBC has the statement from ​Mayor George LeBlanc, who offered his condolences to the families of the officers who were killed or injured.

"This is a terrible loss and a tragedy for the families and for all of us here in the city of Moncton. We hope that this suspect will be taken into custody and brought to justice."

A Facebook page with Bourque's name has several anti-gun control messages along with a post just before the shootings. The post showed lyrics to a Megadeth song that ends with "I believe my kingdom will come." A Facebook friend commented on the post, saying "you knew this wasn't the answer..." (Via Facebook / JustinBourque)

And while police have blocked off an area in which they believe the suspect to be, he still had not been caught as of Thursday morning.

"This is a very big area, there is a lot of different terrain and this individual seems to know this area very well, that's how he's managed to allude them for 11 hours." (Via  CTV)

We will keep you updated as the news becomes available.