'Suspicious Objects' Not From Missing Plane: Officials

Officials say the "suspicious objects" found at sea Sunday are not debris from missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370.
Posted at 1:01 PM, Mar 09, 2014

Officials say the "suspicious objects" crews from Singapore found at sea Sunday are not debris from missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

On Sunday, a crew onboard a vessel from Singapore reportedly found the objects in the water, though it's not clear exactly where the vessel was. It was thought the objects might have been wreckage from the missing plane. (Via Los Angeles Times)

CNN reports it ended up not being debris from the vanished flight. An unnamed U.S. official says it was just "a false alarm" in the desperate search for the more than 200 passengers on the flight.

The Wall Street Journal reports a Vietnamese aircraft searching for the plane might have found what looks like part of the plane's tail and an inner door. Officials reportedly couldn't land to investigate because it was too dark.

The flight went missing early Saturday morning local time while en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Nearly 48 hours later, investigators still haven't been able to find it. (Via Fox News)

And officials don't know why it disappeared either. So far, they say there is evidence the plane turned around to head back toward Malaysia before going off the radar. (Via MSNBC)

ABC notes the "absolutely baffling" disappearance has led officials to wonder if the plane malfunctioned mid-flight — even though the Boeing 777 model has a nearly perfect flight record.

But there are also concerns about terrorism — this after officials found two names on the list of passengers were those of people who had their passports stolen in Thailand. (Via Malaysia Airlines)

 Investigators are also looking at the possibility of bad weather, even though there wasn't any reported at the time. So far, more than 40 planes and two dozen ships are searching for the missing aircraft.