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Dallas Couple's Baby Was Swapped In El Salvador

A Dallas woman gave birth to her child in a Salvadoran hospital but left with the wrong infant. A DNA test helped resolve the baby swap.
Posted at 10:45 AM, Sep 08, 2015

A baby swap — it's any parent's nightmare. 

Well, it happened to one Dallas couple after the mother gave birth in her home country of El Salvador three months ago. But now, they finally have their baby back.

Mercedes Casanellas and her British husband Richard Cushworth went home with a baby they weren't quite sure was theirs. When the baby's skin color darkened, that tipped them off.

After a DNA test confirmed their suspicions, they made a plea to the hospital staff and anyone else to help find their child.

The Salvadoran Attorney General's Office then had four mothers — whose babies were born at that hospital on the same day — bring their infants in for DNA testing.

One test matched Casanellas and Cushworth.

The couple claims the doctor had purposefully switched out their baby as part of a child trafficking ring. Both the doctor and the hospital have denied this. Authorities are now investigating the doctor.

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