New Zealand Man Has Best Shark Bite Story Ever

James Grant was spearfishing when a shark bit his leg. He fought it off with a knife, stitched up his own wound, then went to the pub for a beer.
Posted at 11:07 PM, Jan 28, 2014

A New Zealand man has become a bit of an Internet hero after he fought off an attacking shark and then was all nonchalant about it.

James Grant was spearfishing with friends in southern New Zealand Saturday when he felt something on his leg.

"I thought it might have been one of my dive buddies. Turned around and I saw a big silver face looking at me and a big body trailing off behind." (Via TV3)

That's right, he saw a shark clamped down on his leg. And his reaction has already made him the stuff of legend.

"He used a knife to fend off the shark, he swam back  to shore, and then Grant stitched up his own leg using a first aid kit." (Via CBC)

"He stitched up his own wound and then went out for a beer."

"So you're saying he's a tough guy."

"Little bit." (Via WTTE)

It didn't hurt matters that Grant is a doctor, plus he says his thick wetsuit absorbed most of the damage. But he gave most of the credit to his doctor and colleague in a BBC interview.

"The story has been blown out of the water by the media a wee bit. No, what I did was I just put a couple of little stitches in to tack it back together. The real credit goes to Bernadette Goodwin."

But that "going to the pub first" thing, that's all you, James.