Scottish Referendum Sends Ripples Across Europe

Whether or not Scotland votes to become independent Thursday, the campaign has already had wide-ranging effects across Europe.
Posted at 9:30 AM, Sep 14, 2014

In the final few days leading up to the Scottish referendum, the rhetoric has been steadily escalating on both sides of the issue —and it's clear the referendum will have political ramifications, regardless of the outcome. 

Some prominent economists like Paul Krugman and a handful of banks — including Deutsche Bank — have warned there could be an economic disaster should Scotland leave the UK. (Video via Channel 4)

They say the move would leave Scotland without a central bank, while independence campaigners say the Bank of England would play that role. The bank says it's prepared for either outcome. (Video via Financial Times)

Unlike the economic consequences of the referendum, the political consequences are already being felt, and not just in Scotland.

Wales has already seen at least one rally in support of Scottish independence, and a debate over whether the Welsh should pursue a similar option. (Video via Euronews

Still, a BBC poll from February found that only five percent of Welsh voters would want an independent Wales, rising to seven percent if Scotland gets independence. 

Unlike Wales, in Catalonia, a region of Spain that has long pushed for independence, there is now a growing campaign to have a referendum similar to Scotland's. 

Thousands of protesters filled the streets of Barcelona on Thursday to call for a referendum in November, although there's a crucial difference from Scotland's situation. (Video via France 24)

MICHAEL KEATING, VIA RT: "In the United Kingdom, there is an agreement between the UK and the Scottish government about the procedure, and in Catalonia there is no agreement whatsoever, the Spanish government has said no."

Still, that didn't stop FC Barcelona from wearing a Catalan-flag-inspired kit during their Saturday match against Basque Country's Athletic Bilbao, who wore the green of their autonomous region's flag as well. 

Scots will head to the polls on Thursday to vote in the referendum. The latest polls show the vote is too close to call. 

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