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Is Ukraine responsible for the recent drone attacks in Moscow?

A new video emerged, showing how the battle is increasingly reaching all the way to Vladimir Putin’s doorstep.
Posted at 5:05 PM, Aug 02, 2023

Moscow has been attacked for the third time in the span of a week. But the question remains: is Ukraine responsible?

Here’s what we know from a Scripps News analysis:

Ukraine hasn’t explicitly said it’s behind the attacks, but its potential involvement is something that’s widely seen as an open secret.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy alluded to his country’s ability to conduct the attacks in a recent video.

"Ukraine is getting stronger," he said. "Gradually, the war is returning to the territory of Russia — to its symbolic centers and military bases—and this is an inevitable, natural, and absolutely fair process."

Scripps News reviewed social media footage from inside Ukraine as Ukrainians showed off the drones.

Ukraine says Russian missiles hit another apartment building
Emergency services work at a scene after a missile hits a multi-story apartment building in Ukraine

Ukraine says Russian missiles hit another apartment building

People are trapped beneath the rubble.


There are multiple variants, though one of the most identifiable is known as the "Beaver" due to the two fins it has on the front of the aircraft. 

The same unique design can be seen in a video of a drone flying near Moscow in May as well as in these recent attacks. 

While Russia claims it has been able to shoot down or jam the drones, some have clearly gotten through. 

One of the most notable attacks in Moscow was in May, when the Kremlin was targeted by multiple drones in the early morning. 

One attack on July 23 hit a compound where a secretive Russian hacking team is located. 

But Moscow isn't the only target for these drones. Locations in Russian-occupied Crimea as well as regions of Russia that border Ukraine have also been hit in what are also suspected to be Ukrainian drone attacks. 

The fact that there have been three attacks in Moscow in just one week shows how frequent these attacks are becoming. 

Ukraine has also proven able to conduct notable attacks using seaborne drones. 

These Ukrainian-made water drones were used to hit the Kerch Strait Bridge in July, causing significant damage. It’s a transportation pipeline seen as critical for Russia. 

So far, observers say the attacks in Moscow are still limited, essentially sending a message to Russia that Ukraine has the reach to hit the capital.